Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th: Kwa Heri Daraja

It was our last day at Daraja... It was somewhat a bittersweet feeling - sad to be leaving Daraja but at the same time anxious to get back home to our loved ones. Daraja was such a fulfiling experience. The stories of these girls really made you look at your life at a different perspective. Despite their circumstances, these wonderful girls continue to live life full of love, hope, courage and determination. It was very inspiring to see how passionate these girls were. Their infectious smiles and positive spirits are some of the many things I will remember when leaving Daraja.

Once back in the main city of Nairobi, we were only able to catch an hour of 'The Boma's of Kenya' due to traffic. It was epic! The acrobatics were amazing. I took notice of the many schools that were there to watch the show. After the show, we were taken on a tour around the villages. Different tribes had different ways of building their bomas. Some are made out of wood, straw etc. There were huts for the husband, the grandmother, the first wife, second wife and third wife!

Later in the evening, we headed out to try to some Ethiopian food for dinner. Our last dinner together as a group!


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