Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12: Community Health Project

After weeks of preparation, today the Form 2 students presented their community health forum. It was amazing to watch as more than 300 primary school students, families, and community elders came across the savannah toward the red and white striped tent that had been set up at the entrance to the Daraja campus. The students did a magnificent job educating the community about health concerns and disease prevention. They used drama and humor as they presented instructional skits in Swahili. They drove the point home with Q&A sessions after each skit and held the audience's attention with puppetry, music, and original songs. At the conclusion of the event, students passed out donated soap, bananas, and water to all in attendance. It was a fantastic example of project based learning in action and a testament to the strength of the Daraja students and the vision of their teachers -- Awesome!!!

Puppets entertain the crowd between health education skits
Teachers Carol and Victoria and their students
Puppets were provided by Nurse Jacinta
Grade 7 &8 students from the local primary schools.
The "Doctor" is in!
Students teach about water-bourne illnesses
Form 1 students take videos of the skits on their new iPods
Community elders watch student presentations

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