Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10: Let's Connect...with Mobile Technology of course!

Today was a day where I felt that all the work that Annie, Heather, Jeff & I did in preparing these iPads & iPods was very worth it. Yesterday (Monday) I had made a how to video on the basics of an iPad and how to take care of it. I was able to present it today to the amazing teachers of Daraja Academy. I seriously felt like Oprah giving away some of her favorite things, but with an objective to see results technologically.

Annie and I spent around an hour and half giving one on one tutorials and answering questions for each teacher. The teachers were amazed at the applications that they had encountered. The chemistry teachers were in awe of how many (and how interactive) the periodic tables were. The math teachers couldn't get over the amount of graphing calculators they had access to. What I found most teachers playing with was the Swahili and English translating application.

However, if I thought the teachers were ecstatic I was wrong. The Form 1 (Grade 9) girls of Daraja Academy were beyond excited to receive and participate in the mobile technology research project. For some of them, this was the first form of computer they had ever received, yet their instincts to maneuver a touch screen was very natural. They too were amazed at all the applications, yet found themselves playing with the Swahili and English translating application too.

Check out the blog from Daraja about how the iPod distribution went. http://daraja-academy.org/news/ipods-expand-classroom-learning-2/


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